How to fix "Avoid mutating a prop directly"

September 12, 20196 min read
Have you ever faced this problem in vue - Avoid mutating a prop directly since the value will be overwritten whenever the parent component re-renders. Instead, use a data or computed property based on the prop's value.

How to build a Reusable Vuejs modal component

July 9, 20197 min read
Learn on how to build a VueJS modal component and make it reusable on your Vue apps

How to pass variable to inline background image in Vue

May 28, 20192 min read
Multiple ways to use Vue variable in inline HTML

How to store image in Cloudinary Nodejs REST

May 25, 20192 min read
Store image from NodeJS into Cloudinary

Smart ways to maintain your WordPress website

May 15, 20194 min read
As a WordPress user, you must always focus on few tips and tricks to maintain your website.
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