Why I moved from Roam to Bear

To be honest, I'm a little bit sceptical when someone uses Roam as a daily journal and write a note. The price is expensive ($15/month) and it's only web-based. There is no mobile application.

One day, I watch a video from Nat Eliason on how he uses roam as knowledge management and got me hooked. I one of the readers of this blog. Since, they have a 30 days trial, why not try to play around with it. Out of the blue, I already used Roam for 30 days.

Why move out from Roam


The only feature I was using from roam was a daily journal. I like when open the roam website it shows a today note as a default. I can write anything I can think of and create a relationship with my older journal. It was mind blown 🤯.

I'm still writing a note from blog and podcast, but it's not quite often. It's only happened once a week.


Since, I was underutilized so the $15/month it's not worth for me.


Luckily, you can export all the notes from Roam into markdown and import it on my Bear apps.

I wrote a script to add a title and tag on my Roam note so that I can import it in one batch.

Feel free to use it here: https://github.com/jakzaizzat/roam-to-bear