Week of Meeting

Busy Meeting

A lot of meeting happens this week. I met with the client for the travel website and founder of the agency in KL. This is the first time I met with Radin from Seven Purple. Previously, we are dealing through, and we have done several projects together. He was a nice guy. I think the meeting is a waste of time (and money too 💸). Waste your time commute to the place and most importantly is disturbing your productivity. It’s good to have a meeting to discuss an urgent meeting or do it once a month.

New Project Lead

I contacted one company in Subang. This lead comes from referral. Thanks for referring to me. Honestly, it was my first meeting formally. What I mean by the formal way is meeting in the company building and sitting in the meeting room. Previously, most of the meeting happens in a coffee shop, Skype and WhatsApp. It was a memorable experience for me. Unfortunately, I have to reject the project because of limited time and long approval process.

Renew CushionApp

When I was doing part-time freelancer, this is the app that I want to use. It was very beautiful and have all the feature specifically for a freelancer. I can see how my finance works, workloads, project timeline and invoice. Last year, I subscribed to the CushionApp when I land a part-time job as a software developer at a software house in Subang Jaya. It was the best feeling ever. It builds by a freelancer too (Jonnie) and he is my idol.

Told my father I’m going to do freelance and Meet with my old friend

It was hard. Serious. My parent always asks me to find a stable job (especially in the government sector), but I want to learn more in this industry. I can’t do something that doesn’t have a risk. I’m still young, and I can find a job later. I know the freelance industry is not sustainable because you can’t predict how much you will earn next month, but it’s very adventure. It was one my dream to go fulltime freelancer. I meet with my old friends from college (Diploma UiTM). After five years we didn’t see each other, it was nice to recap what happens during studies.

First customer of DirectWP

DirectWP is a 24/7 WordPress maintenance business. I productized my service so I can build a stable income stream in the future. Luckily, I got my first client (Higher plan) subscribe to this service. I would love to see how this business is growing in the future. I’m thinking to do content marketing for DirectWP in the future. If you’re looking for a bodyguard for your WordPress website, feel free to contact DirectWP.

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