Jump into Full-Time Freelance

Full-Time Freelancer

This week was the toughest decision of my life. I planned to jump into full-time freelance in next six month or have a stable income (freelance doesn’t have a steady income 😕). My instinct said I should go full-time freelance and my surrounding asks me to find a job (especially my family).


On 2 January, I decided to meet my friend who was running a studio. I want to ask how he able to sustain the finance and how he able to keep the business afloat. He was very busy and got a lot of projects. I wish that were me, but I don’t like an idea to rent an office and all of my staff working there. I should change my mindset from working alone to working with the team.

Get a new project – highest payment

Luckily, after meeting with him yesterday, he called me again to invite me to join a website project. Surprisingly, it was my biggest project ever 😱. Typically, I only took a job around RM x,xxx (4 figure), but the project worth xx,xxx (5 Figure). I know its a quite a big project, but I’ll regret it if I didn’t take this job. Fuck this shit, I take a project and proceed with my mission to go full-time freelancer.


I join my friend to meet the client since I’m in charge of the visual design and front-end development. It was my first time meeting with Dato (One of the recognized title in Malaysia) in Putrajaya, and he was so humble. We discussed how the website is going to work and the business model.

Busy meeting

Since then, I meet with the client again. I need to show the progress of my design and do the iteration because he needs to give the design to the production house (for video promotion). It was a very hectic week — a lot of design work and a lot of meeting. Sometimes shit happens very fast 😂.

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