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‌I really appreciate your time for filling the form. Its mean a lot to me. ‌

To make it easier for us, this page consists of what kind of project I do (don't) and my rate.


Project I do

  • Custom WordPress/Ghost Development
  • Build a Single Page Application using Vue/React
  • Integrate frontend framework with API.
  • Translate design from PSD/Figma/Sketch/AdobeXD to frontend.
  • Join your tech/product team as a Part time frontend developer

Project I don't do

  • Build a WordPress website using ready made template
  • Project related to Joomla/Magento/Opencart
  • Project required bidding to close the project
  • Project that required physically in the office. ‌


Project based pricing start from RM 6,000 and above

  • WordPress theme
  • E-Commerce

Contract or Retainer work

  • RM 100/hour
  • 15 - 20 hours per week
  • Minimum 1 month agreement

What people said about me

When it comes to working with teams with diverse backgrounds across different locations, there is always a challenge when it comes to communication, timeliness and quality of deliverables. However working with Aizzat is always enjoyable and effective. Aizzat is an efficient front end engineer who is excellent in his craft,  and builds great relationships with all of the peers he works with. Aizzat would be a top contributor to any team.‌
‌Roy Lee - SCRUM Master in Taiger
Aizzat has been a great co-worker for the past year. His knowledge in front is undeniable. It is not only that he is a person with whom one feels comfortable working, but that working remotely has been able to solve all problems quickly and efficiently. Without a doubt, a great professional with whom I would not hesitate to return to work.‌
‌Xabier - Engineering Manager in Taiger
Aizzat is a well rounded developer that understands UI. He's very pro-active in coming up with good solutions and implementing solutions using tech. His motivation is a great asset - he's "hungry" and eager to learn new things. I highly recommend Aizzat for web development projects. I'd gladly hire him for future projects given the opportunity.‌
‌Matthew J. Martin - CEO Blossom Finance

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