Expired Domain

Open a mailbox and found out that I have two domains that are going to expire in 30 days. It was from my friends. I helped him to buy a domain last year. In the end, he didn't manage to do anything with it. One of the domain look quite cool, its called acarbuah.com. Sounds like a good domain name. Decide to do quick keyword research for this one.


The keyword still gets traction but I'm not sure if it's worth trying. Furthermore, I'm not an expert in the acar buah niche. lol.

I decided to renew this domain and invest in it for a while. Last month, I read one article in the blog (I didn't remember it), that he build a business around an expired domain.

The normal approach would be:
Find an idea/problem -> Build business -> Buy domain

His approach
Find an expired domain -> Build business

Wanna give this method a try. Probably gonna reserve around RM400 or $100 budget for this project.