EV Fund

EV Fund

Try a new thing. I'm not a big fan of letting my money doing nothing. Especially on the low-interest bank account. All my money has already been put to work. The main problem right now was the company's money.

I'm currently working as a full-time freelancer and I managed my company account. I'm a budget guy so I know how much burn rate I can sustain. Seeing the buffer on my bank account makes me felt too comfortable and it doesn't grow.

I decided to allocate some money from my company for investment and I'll be called it EV Fund. It's not that much money but I know it's a fun thing to do.

I've done it before and my desire transaction gonna be around RM 5,000. Seems not much money but it's something that I can bear with it.

  1. I used some funds from my company to buy a website - findcoloringpages.com. It's my first investment from the EV fund.
Paypal transaction

2. When the cryptocurrency was down, I put in some funds and able to get a 20% return.

Luno history

I love the red market. Time to invest some money when everyone was freaking out. I'm currently looking at ETH right now 👀.

Not recommend this method for everyone else. It's not gonna be all profit. There is a probability that I'll lose all the deposits. [Set the link to the previous article]

Guess what, life is risky right 🤷🏻‍♂️. As long it's a calculated risk then it's gonna be fine.