Over-engineering is the act of designing a product to be more robust or have more features than often necessary for its intended use or a process to be unnecessarily complicated or inefficient. - Wikipedia

We tend to over complicated simple things. Why? We look for a shortcut on how to achieve our goal. I'm one of the guys that over-engineering my life. Let me show you some use cases.

Goal Management

Everyone has a goal need to achieve. You realized that you didn't accomplish last year's resolution. You start googling on how to achieve the goal. You will found something like GTD, OKR, Weekly/Monthly goal, Text-based notes, Roam Research, Notion, etc.

I've tried all of them. It makes me overwhelmed with all the tools. It's kind of troublesome to do it.

Now, I write all my todo in Things 3. If it's a recurring task, I'll move it to my calendar.

Regarding the habit, I don't track it. Currently, I want to write more. I block 30 minutes on my calendar. If I skipped it, it's fine. I don't feel bad about it.

If you procrastinate on the task, It's a signal that you didn't have much passion to do it.


As a developer, we want our website. Typical personal website developer used over-kill spec. It includes PWA, CI/CD, 100% lighthouse, etc. They only have one blog post inside it with the title Hello World 🤦🏻‍♂️. I'm one of the guys when I get started. I want it to looks cool and perfect but didn't write any post.

The purpose of the blog is to serve your writing. The audience doesn't care about your website. If they enjoy your writing, then they will come back.

It's just my opinion. Don't take it seriously.


Make it simple. Focus on the Pareto principle — 80% outcomes from 20% of the input. Don't over-engineer your life 😆.