Don't take thing for granted

Don't take thing for granted

Yesterday, the government announced that Terengganu is going to be on movement control order or PKP. We can't go out unless it's an urgent matter. There is an only two peoples limits each car.

I missed going to the park for jogging 😔. When we have an opportunity to do it, we take it for granted. We always said that

I'm gonna do it tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll  start diet. Tomorrow, I'll start working out.

Its same thing with Netflix. Whenever we don't have a Netflix subscription, we want to watch all the movies. We have a list from IMDB which movies we want to watch, and it's getting increased. When we have the Netflix subscription, we didn't watch a movie that we desired of.

Online courses too. When we open the course's landing page, we tend to be inspired and eager to buy it. Guess what happens after we bought it? We were not going to watch it till the end or procrastinate.

Enjoy everything in your life, and don't take it for granted. Do whatever makes your life meaningful.