Delete Instagram

Delete Instagram

I saw a clubhouse audience's Instagram today, and it was private 🔒. It's reminding me of why I'm deleting Instagram.

In the first place, why I'm deleting my Instagram? Many of my friends were using it, and they enjoy it (I think so). I follow a lot of my friends from high school until university. Am I going to miss all the friend's updates?

The first reason why I'm deleting was ** time-consuming**. I spent a lot of time everyday scrolling the feeds and watching the Instagram story. Open the explore page, and I got a lot of content that matched my taste. Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, I keep scrolling again. I was hooked. I felt like a stupid dog that keeps scrolling the feed that never-ending.

Some people will say that you can block Instagram using iOS Screen time. Its works for a while... I've tried with a different password (where I random type and store it inside the 1Password), and I still managed to bypass it.

I also tried to delete the Instagram application from my phone. It's working, but I still feel that I need to know what other people are doing. Whenever I downloaded it back, it stays on my phone again 😂.

The second reason would be it's hard to stop comparing your life. Everything was beautiful on Instagram. Happy life, rich, beautiful, unlimited content, etc. Comparing to my life, it felt different. Although, the post that has been posted on Instagram was only 10% for their life and foremost a good things. I still felt terrible about it. I think it's human nature to compare ourselves with others. I try so hard to stop it, but it didn't work.

I've deleted Instagram for three months, and my life was getting better. I don't have to open an Instagram to know what other people are doing. If I want to know about them, I'll personally message them.

Next, I would like to delete my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Still, no gut to delete it. I have a lot of messages on my Facebook since I opened the account since I was in high school. Twitter is kind of like a place of smart people. I like to consume content on Twitter, but it's consuming a lot of my time.

I do to reduce my Facebook & Twitter consumption by installing a News Feed Eradicator for Facebook (Chrome extension) to remove my feed, and I uninstall both applications on my iPhone.

My Facebook Feed
My Twitter Feed

The only way I can consume twitter was using my iPad, and I rarely used it. Let me know if you have any problems with social media. Would love to exchange thought about it 😄.