Course backlog

Course backlog

Have you heard the phrase Dont tell your plan & goal to everyone because then you’ve felt accomplish after you told them.

They suggest that when people announce an intention to commit to an identity goal in public, that announcement may actually backfire. Imagine, for example, that Mary wants to become a psychologist. She tells Herb that she wants to pursue this career and that she is going to study hard in her classes. However, just by telling Herb her intention, she knows that Herb is already starting to think of her as a psychologist. So, she has achieved part of her identity goal just by telling Herb about it. Oddly enough, that can actually decrease the likelihood that Mary will study hard.


It's the same thing as purchase an online course, ebooks, or anything.

The feeling of buying courses with money felt like a fake accomplishment. It felt that you have completed learning the course.

That’s the feeling of what I felt. The adrenaline before & after I enter the credit card felt so different. I’m not excited as before after I purchase it.

Some peoples don’t like free stuff because of the quality, commitment, or anything. So, they much prefer to buy a paid content.

This is what I’m gonna do right now, I’, going to learn, watch and read everything that I bought. It could be online courses, ebooks, or any paid content.

I’m currently learning Advanced Vue Design Pattern from Adam Wathan.