What course should I take after school or SPM?

What course should I take after school or SPM?

‌I've been thinking a lot about how do people decide which course should they take in college? 🤔 This is my take

I am one of the guys that having different studies during my university. In diploma, I'm studying Actuarial Science and in degree, I'm learning Computer Science. Did I regret it? No. Actually, I liked it. It seems like I'm learning two different things.

The only downside of my journey would be that  it took longer to complete my degree because I'm changing my course.

Why I changed my course?

I have more interest in other domain. I wanted to learn something that doesn't feel like learning to me. Something that I truly enjoy. At that moment, I was interested in programming and I wanted to learn how the algorithm works. Furthermore, I didn't want to spend my time learning other things that didn't interest me. It is a waste of time.


I think people should take a course that makes them curious. If you're curious about medicine, then take a medical course. If you're wondering about how the economy works, you might be interested in the economic subject. If something leaves you inquisitive, it might be a sign that you are truly interested in a field.  Do some research on the internet, read an article, white-paper, etc.

Maybe after you've done your research through the internet and you wish to go deeper into it, it seems like it could be a great domain to pick up.By following your curiosity and making some efforts in researching, you would likely to land in a destination you find intrinsically fascinating.

Quick tips: Go to your browser history (it could be Google Chrome, Safari, etc) and take a look which website are you consuming. Check all of your history including social media, Youtube , etc. You may didn't realize of what you might interested in.


Study without feeling the burden to study is heaven. If the task felt like playing to you while it felt like a burden to others, you already won  your game. You are in pure bliss. Don't know what is your passion? Figure out, what did you do when you're procrastinating in your work.

It could be a research about motorcycles, selling in-game items, learn a new language, and so on.

Tips: Figure what skill or behaviour that your friend, parent or stranger keep seeking for an advice from you. Not only that, look around in your room and find out what are you spent most of your time. Find something that you didn't consider as a work or task, for you its like playing a games or fill up your free time.

Just take it

If you don't know what you're curious about, just take it. Follow someone else's advice, do some research on which course could be beneficial for you, and make a decision. You don't know if it's for you if you didn't taste it. If you never try, you will never know. It’s important to just choose, knowing that there will never be such a thing as the perfect role; that’s always fun to do. Life is fun and full of surprises and miracles. So, enjoy it.

Tips: Watch a Youtube or read an article or blog of what the career looks like. It could inspire you to pursue your studies.

Example: Programmer

Search youtube or google: Programmer Day in Life.

Changed the programmer term with other profession like doctor, engineer, data science, artist, etc

How do you know if the course is for you?

You don't. I know it's risky but it doesn't work that way. You will know when you are already in the position.

Being in the position, how do you feel? Do you enjoy it? Is it something that you want to pursue in the future? Ask yourself, because nobody understand you better than yourself.

What if I'm taking the wrong course?

There is nothing wrong learning different things. In the end, you are learning something that you didn't know. It could be a new knowledge or you might ended up learn something new about yourself. The good thing is you have a power to decide your life. Not everyone is going to have a career same as their field of studies. I've a friend that studied engineering in university but he is currently involved in a clothing company.

Plan your future and enjoy the journey. I'm pretty sure that it will be pretty exciting.