Bad in Managing People

I’m a bad manager

Last month, I hired one of my friends to help me with the client works. It feels weird when the person you hired did not meet your expectation. I guess this is the risk I need to face. I have a bad attitude which is I have an ego that the person I’m hiring should have a skill better than me. Everyone is different. I continuously need to follow up for the progress. I need to set up a system on how to manage the work and document the common process for an upcoming task.

Joomla Override Modules

Most of the time this week, I’m working on the Joomla website. It’s a little bit of struggle for me because this is my first time using Joomla and I need to build the template from scratch. Honestly, I don’t like the Joomla admin dashboard. It looks so complicated, and the navigation between the page is troublesome.

One thing I love about develop Joomla theme is override module. Most of the components and module can be overridden in Joomla. If the module has a bad design, override the module through the Joomla dashboard, and you’ll see a new folder in your theme. This is gold. It makes my development process becomes faster.

Start to track my times

I wonder how much I have to work to complete the project 🤔 ? I decide to keep track my time every time I’m working on my laptop. Why I do this?

  • I know how much I worth for. It can be a flat rate or hourly rate.
  • Estimate how long do I need to complete this project
  • Are you overwork this week?

Thanks to CushionApp, the time tracker features available in their service. They also have a native Mac app for time tracker 😱.

Launch new website 🚀

Schoollah is a consulting company for SPM leaver. They help all the students decide which career should pursue and how to get there. I’m joining them as a web developer to manage their website and all the technical stuff. This is the version 2 of their website, and it’s built using custom WordPress, Tailwind and Sage 9.

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