Week of Meeting

Busy Meeting A lot of meeting happens this week. I met with the client for the travel website and founder of the agency in KL. This is the first time I met with Radin from Seven Purple. Previously, we are dealing through, and we have done several projects together. He was a nice guy. I […]

Jump into Full-Time Freelance

Full-Time Freelancer This week was the toughest decision of my life. I planned to jump into full-time freelance in next six month or have a stable income (freelance doesn’t have a steady income 😕). My instinct said I should go full-time freelance and my surrounding asks me to find a job (especially my family). Advice […]

First Journal

Hi guys. Today I decided to write a little journey on my blog. It’s a bit rusty right now 😂. Since I’m probably will be starting doing my own freelance business, I can share some of my experience on how I’m going through this. Today, I do some Joomla project. I code the design from […]