6 Lesson from Year 26

6 Lesson from Year 26

Build an audience

One thing that I regret is not building an audience. In today's world, attention is the new currency.

No wonder someone who becomes a social influence can make a lot of money since they have a lot of attention.

Attention is a new currency.

Selling is a powerful skill

Whenever you work full time or business, selling is an important skill.

Full-time employment means you're selling yourself to the client (employer) on a monthly basis.

Freelancer is quite similar to full-time employment, but there is no benefit or guarantee from the company and everything's handle by yourself.

Learn how to prove your value and the art of negotiation.


Learn how to leverage your skill, time, and connection.

  1. Having a powerful laptop is leverage.
  2. Outsource someone the freelance job is a leverage
  3. Sell a product is leverage.

That's why the rich person becomes richer.

Take a risk

Learn to take a risk when you're young. Get the job you want. Build your things. Invest in high-risk stuff.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you didn't regret it when you get old.

Learn to ignore other people thinks

This one was hard for me. I'm having imposter syndrome so bad.

Hard work is not the key to success

The amount of time you invested doesn't correlate with success. Hustle is overrated.

Work on the right thing is the key. Don't waste your time by not spending time with your family or friend. Don't forget to have fun too. Work can wait, and happiness is the most important.