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🙅🏻‍♂️ What’s bad

Back pain

I accompanied my mother to clinics last week because she had a headache. I’m taking some chance to meet the doctor too since my back pain still hurts. He said it because of my sedentary lifestyle.

He advised me to change my position during work every 30 minutes. You can do some stretching or get water.

Conditional Movement Control (CMCO)

Government announce that my place (Terengganu) going to be CMCO for one month 😢. No more jogging. For sure, my flight back to Cyberjaya is going to be cancelled too.

Good news is my family was available at home since all schools are closed.

Learn when to take rest

Last Friday, I was overwhelmed with all the freelance works. I’m trying to finish all the task so that I can slow down my workload next week. It was a bad decision. I didn’t complete all the tasks by the end of the day, and I was so tired.

I should learn to let the word go and have fun during the weekend.

" Works can wait.

😄 What’s good

4 Days works

One of the great benefits of self-employed was able to take leave whenever you want. I decided to not working on last Monday since I’ve spent the whole day yesterday driving to Kelantan to send my sister.

Surprisingly, my work output still the same, although I’m working four days a week. Probably, my body gets more rest and able to work very effectively during that week.

Redesign my website


I’ve been inspired by helloweather website. So, I decided to redesign my website with a new style. It’s fun to work on this kind of project on a weekday and feed my creative lust.


  • It’s using a pastel colour
  • Change the font family to Signika
  • Import my newsletter from buttondown to this Page

Build a File Preview component

I need to build a file viewer component on my freelance work. It was quite challenging seems I never work on this kind of work. There are a lot of edge cases I need to figure out.


  • Add a numbering on each line.
  • It able to view the file with thousands of lines. Thanks to vue scroller for handle it.
  • Add a search keyword feature with a highlight.

I might write an article for this topic. Let me know if you’re interested.

💎 Resources

Some of the highlights that I like from my last week reading.

  1. Hello Weather — Memos from the Weather Machine
    • Build a side project based on limited time. Embrace the constrain.
    • Build something you love.
    • Reach a breakeven although its a fun project
  2. The CEO of No - Superorganizers
    • I usually fast during the morning up until I’m done with my meetings. I started fasting as a way to deal with acid reflux, but it’s turned out to be a huge productivity hack for me — it turns out that I think a lot more clearly before I eat.
    • One of the mistakes that a lot of entrepreneurs make is they include themselves on the team. I think you’re a coach and you should be standing on the sidelines — cheering on the team, moving the right people in and out, and changing strategy as you need to.
    • Delegation is the biggest thing that keeps my calendar relatively clear and makes my life so much easier now.
    • But I’ve learned that the most efficient way to source talented people isn’t to hire for moxie and potential. It’s to find the person who’s done the job before, and who’s done it at the double the scale.

See you next week,


November 10, 2020