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🙅 What’s bad

Cost Management

I need to learn more about how to manage the cost of hiring contractor. Previously, I’m following a Profit first method from Mike Michalowicz. It works well for the solopreneur.

I’m having a bit short of budget last week based on mt finance dashboard. I might need to tweak a little bit the method to make it works on the current model.

Too much work


I’ve been working too much last week. Switching multiple projects at once.

Low Research

I’ve been working on one React Native project for one of my clients. What happens was, we can’t use the expo hosting to test our application. Every time we tried to open on our mobile application, it shows a white screen.

One of my team realized that it was misconfig during initialize the react-native application. There was bared and managed type of application during installation.

Bared - You need to compile by yourself using Xcode or Android Studio. It provides more flexibility to hardware API.

Managed - Expo handles everything but its not much flexible.

Unfortunately, I choose bared config 🤦🏻‍♂️. It was my first react native project and I don’t wanna take a risk. We create another project with managed config and move all the codebase from the old repository into the new one.

What a great lesson

😄 What’s good at


Roam Research Graph

I’ve been writing journal for the past month. Thanks to Roam Research for make me stick this habit. I’ve tried several things before but nothing’s stick for me. I’ve officially paid for Roam Research subscription after my trial period.

Delegation is power


I’ve hired a freelancer to help me work on a mobile project. Surprisingly, it works much fast as I expected. We’ve been using Basecamp to centralize all the communication and project management.

Hack website

One of my previous client’s website been hacked last week. He was speechless and don’t know what to do. His fiance messaged me if I can advise him. After several messages, I decided to take a look at the WordPress website and find the root of the problem.

Since the website been hacked, I can’t enter the WordPress admin dashboard and all the password been changed. Next, I’m login in the server and deactivate all the plugins and themes so that I can enter the login screen. Luckily, there is an option for me to register as a new user in the login page.

Then, I go to the MySQL and changed the user that I just created to the administrator role. Finally, I found out that the root cause of the problem because the un-updated plugin 🤦🏻‍♂️. I backup the whole site and database and send it to my client.

I recommend him to change hosting or do a fresh WordPress installation. Make sure to keep update the themes and plugin. Never used any cracked/nulled plugin.

💎 Gem

Great podcast explain theoretical agency approach - https://noplanstomerge.simplecast.com/episodes/the-theoretical-agency

Great video from Nat Eliason on how tracking blood glucose may help you -

See you next week,


October 27, 2020