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What’s bad

Movement Control Order (PKPB) in Malaysia

Since the corona cases in Malaysia have increased, the government decided to continue MCO. My flight to Cyberjaya this week have been cancelled because of MCO. I’m going to stay with my parent in Terengganu until further notice 🤦🏻‍♂️.

Reject one client

After getting an RFP from one of my clients and we decided to reject it. However, having this client will make my client portfolio more trustworthy, but it not worth it because of profit. I don’t think it has a healthy profit margin.

What’s good at

Have a gut to publish my newsletter 😂

I’ve been writing a journal every day for a month now. I guess I can compile it every week and share it with everyone.

Vue pattern

I’ve been writing a cool pattern on my Vue project last week. The pattern is kind of ErrorBoundary + High Order Component from React.

Sample Code

Start hiring for freelancer

I don’t time to manage all the freelance project, so I decided to delegate or outsource some of my projects. It was for my first mobile apps.

I hired two part-time guy - One react native and one backend developer. It was the first time I’m hiring on an hourly basis.

We’re going to use basecamp as centralize tools for communication and project management.

Start running again 🏃🏻‍♂️

Nothing’s better than the feeling after you running. At least, I need to keep exercise 3 times per week.

See you next week, Jakz

October 19, 2020