What Barbershop Taught me about Freelance

What Barbershop Taught me about Freelance

Lesson 1: Charge what you are worth

Yesterday, after back from work, I wanted to cut my hair because it’s become messy and I’ve interview with a management tomorrow. I’m doing my internship at Malacca, and I don’t know which barbershop is good around here. Luckily, I found one barber near my favorite food place, and it cost RM12 for one haircut. Honestly, it’s above my expectations. Normally, I cut around RM6-8 per haircut.

Lesson 2: First impression is everything

I want to know how they have different pricing for their service. The first impression, his shop was beautiful. I feel very calm and comfortable. The place was very beautiful and have music playing around. I liked its environment. By the way, I need to wait because there are some people are still in the queue.

Lesson 3: Educate the client

When my turn comes in, he treats me nicely. The first question he asked, what kind of cut I want. I’m not an expert in fashion stuff, I told I want to layer at the top and short at back and side. Then, he asked me on what kind of style I want for the side hair. Oh shit. There are two styles which are slope and fair. I don’t know what it is and he explained to me. That was great. He educated me on what kind of style available.

Lesson 4: Build a relationship

I choose the fair one, because the slope one I didn’t know how it looks. He started cutting my hair. He was chatting with me about my life. That’s how he makes a relationship with me. I felt like I paid my friend for the job. I’m a guy who is likely to chat with business owners.

Lesson 5: Provide value to the customer

During the process, he asked me why I want to layer my hair. My response is that typical style I said to the barber. His suggestion is if I wanna to keep layer, I need to cut a little bit of my hair because if it will be a bit curly. So, I followed his advice. Honestly, I never know about this. I liked how he teaches me on how this works.

Lesson 6: Upsell product

During the haircut, he asked what kind of gel I’m using on my hair. Is it wax or pomade? Regularly, I used wax for my hair. I’m not a big fan of pomade because it’s to shine for me. He offers me a wax that they’re using in his shop. One more time, he teaches me on how to use wax or pomade for a better use.
Tons of lessons I learned from this barbershop. Most of them can be applied to my freelance business. Hopefully, you’ll get some of the lessons from this.

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